The Naira and Your Income: 5 Ways to Beat the Nigerian Economy (2022)

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“God!!! The price of this guitar has gone up again.” That was the third time in 3 months my friend, Niyi was complaining about the price of a guitar going up. In case you’re wondering what happened, you should probably have an idea. He contributes the money for the price of the guitar which he saw the month before and when he decided to buy, viola!, the price has gone up again. This has happened 3 good (maybe bad) times and as the time of this writing, Niyi is contributing again.

If you are a Nigerian, living in Nigeria, I am very sure you can relate to what I am saying. Just last week, I wanted to buy Hollandia Yoghurt to step down, nobody told me to opt for Coke when I was told the price is now 950. “Jesu Kristi!!!” I exclaimed in my mind. The truth is that this is the reality of most Nigerians, especially the poor and the middle class who can barely afford these things lately. The saddest part about this is that salaries are not increasing neither is the government making it easy for businesses with their policies but in usual fashion as Nigerians, we adapt. Using the popular slang- We mueve! However, in recent days, there has been a lot of “solutions” have been proffered by “experts” on how to survive in this economy we find ourselves. Some have said earn or save in dollars, some have said start a business that is not dependent on the government, others have said learn an high income skill, trade cryptocurrency, and things like that. While, all of these are viable solutions, not everyone has access to all the information here and definitely not everyone will record successes in these if they decide to venture into it. In other news, some of the “solutions” need some capital to start which is a disadvantage for some (if not most people). While there are pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, it cannot be denied that the average Nigerian needs to find a way to increase his income.

In this article, I am going to explain 5 extra income ideas to help you beat the Nigerian economy. Some with very little to start, some, you only need the will to start, some you’d need “capital”. In all, you’d have to find which suits you and grow with it.

So, still willing to beat the naira and the Nigerian economy in 2021? take one of these business models above and run with it. Remember consistency will take you places.



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